Halo 3: OSDT plot summary

I know this is a blog about Halo: Reach but lets face it, I love all Halo. So there's no reason why I can't focus on other things within the Halo universe eh? Anyway, I noticed people have been looking for 'ODST plot' on my other blog and seeing as I write about Halo here, I bring you, dear googler, a Halo 3: OSDT plot summary.

Halo 3: ODST begins with ODST soldiers Dutch, Romeo, Mickey and the Rookie discussing plans for assaulting the Covenant Prophet of Regret's ship above New Mombasa. Buck arrives and introduces Dare in what appears to be a strained pairing. It is clear from tone of the introduction she is now in charge. These characters form the heart of the storyline.
The team enter their HEVs and drop (hence the ‘prepare to drop’ slogan for ODST soldiers) through the atmosphere toward the ship; at the last minute, Dare changes their trajectory to deliberately miss the carrier. The Covenant ship enters slipspace, sending a shockwave toward the ODSTs; the Rookie's HEV pod collides with another and crashes to the ground, knocking him unconscious. He eventually awakens some 6 hours later and through exploring the streets of New Mombassa he proceeds to find clues as to what happened to his squadmates.

Buck awakens after the drop and fights through Covenant troops to find Dare. After an encounter with an Engineer, he finds Romeo instead, and the two resolve to get out of the city.

Dutch drops near a nature preserve and helps Marines while he goes to the city. Mickey commandeers a tank and fights his way along a Mombasa boulevard.

 Meeting up with Dutch, the Buck and Romeo defend an ONI base from the Covenant, blowing up a bridge in an attempt to slow the advancing enemy. However, they are quickly overrun and forced to destroy the facility to keep it from being captured. After a tense encounter they are evacuated by a Pelican from the top of the ONI building and they make contact with Buck, arranging a rendezvous at the police headquarters. However, when Buck and Romeo arrive, they see the Pelican get shot down and crash. They rescue Dutch and Mickey, but Romeo is seriously wounded in the fight as the result of a very angry Brute attacking.
The squad then hijacks a Phantom transport ship, but instead of leaving the city, Buck, literally in a change of heart, decides to turn back and find Dare.

Back in the city, the Rookie is assisted by the Superintendent (the city’s AI, a type of Cortana aid), which leads him to Dare's position. She and the Rookie team up to reach the Superintendent's data core, which possesses information on something underneath the city the Covenant is looking for.

Inside the core they find a Covenant Engineer. Dare explains that the Engineers are an alien race that have been enslaved by the Covenant, and this one decided to defect to the humans. The alien downloads the Superintendent's data into itself and Dare's mission changes from destroying the AI to escorting the alien to safety.

The Rookie, Dare, and the Engineer reunite with Buck and fight their way out of the city. As they fly away in the transport they captured earlier, the ODST squad watches as the Covenant glassess the city of New Mombasa.
In the game's epilogue, about one month has passed, and the ODST squad is still keeping guard over the Engineer. One of Halo’s greatest servants, Sergeant Johnson abrubtly arrives, informing the Engineer that he intends to ask it everything it knows about the Covenant and whatever it is they're looking for. To show it understands, the Engineer replies by lighting Johnson’s cigar.

If the player completes at the game on Legendary difficulty setting a scene after shows the Prophet of Truth overseeing some Engineers uncovering a Forerunner artifact buried beneath the Superintendent's data core. This is presumbably some kind of passage way to the Ark that was central to the plot in the events of Halo 3 (remember ODST is set at the same time as the events of Halo 2, and obviously before the events of Halo 3).

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