Tuesday, January 19

Skirmisher picture from Halo Reach and more!

It had to happen sooner or later and we've finally come across some high quality pictures from the Game Informer issue that revealed to the world so many of Reach's secrets. Of course, not as many secrets as us Fanboys would like but it's enough to whet the appetite...

Here's a high detailed version of the new enemy, the Skirmishers who are a cousin of some kind to the Jackals that we all know from the Halo series. Do you like their hair cut?

halo reach skirmisher

The Skirmishers remind me of those Skekse creatures from the the Jim Henson movie, The Dark Crystal - which I'm sure many Halo fans have never seen because if you go on Xbox live, each and every Halo fan appears to be born after that movie came out! Here's the comparison shot:

Okay, moving along children, that's one scary skekse....

Here's a sweet shot of Lone Wolf. His stare is so.... intense is it not? Why so serious Spartan? Did Heath Ledger die or something?

And one more for the fanboys. OK, one more for me! A sneaky Spartan attempting an assassination! This just proves my theory that Reach is simply a rip off of the Assassin's Creed II game!


Joseph said...

You are assuming that the Spartan is a male.

Anonymous said...

Skekses, HIlarious, i really dig the compilation of games used to create one huge game. Thats what america is, combining ideas for the greater good. The took the GOW roll, the jet pack from any flying game, like u said assassin creed, and i'm sure more. But reach should be in my eyes the best halo game made. If not then halo 1 wins it all!!!!