Monday, January 25

Meet Spartan Carter

Meet Spartan CARTER. Actually, that's Commander Carter to you. He's Charles in Charge of  Team Noble.



Full Name: XXX, CARTER

SERVICE #: S-259


(P)MOS: 180A

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED


Gender: M

Birthplace: DURBAN, BIKO

Birth Date: 27/08/2520


Born leader; inspires confidence in those under his command. Cool under pressure. Has laser-like focus—even while maintaining flexibility/adaptability. Charismatic and reassuring; capable of interacting with non-Spartans effectively and efficiently (low/no stress issues).


Minor trust issues; not severe enough to warrant psychiatric reevaluation, but enough to be noted << stems from operator [S-293] under his command being KIA 22/04/2552. He attributes S-293’s death to his own “inadequate team preparation”— not to enemy action or S-293’s own lapse in situational awareness. Whether this is the source of his hesitation to commit to one of the replacements is unconfirmed at this time.


Perhaps replacing S-293 with the *1T271 from XXX group will get him back on track—he’s always at his best while building a team.

Now that the introductions have been made, would you like to meet Spartan XXX or Spartan Jun?

Game Informer who are like Best Friends Forever have done a handy profile of Commander Carter:

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