Halo Reach Premiere Dialogue Transcript

Halo Reach Trailer Premiere Dialogue Transcript

Comms / Radio: Winter Contingency has been declared, all units are mobilized and ready.

Spartan Kat: Commander...

Commander Carter: Spartans never die Jeorge, they’re just missin’ in action.

Commander to Lone Wolf: I read your file Lieutenant, even reports ONI didn’t want me too. I’m glad to have your skill set. But you can leave that Lone Wolf stuff behind.

Sniper Spartan: This our new number 6?

Commander: Affirmative

Sniper Spartan to Lone Wolf: You picked a helluva day to join up!

Pilot / Comms Radio: Sierra Six-zero. Noble Team is airborne and set for combat insertion.*

Check out the transcript of the original Reach teaser announcement - you'll note the new trailer's dialogue echoes that of this one with the 'Winter Contingency' line...

Check out the Reach Trailer itself and analysis.

* I've seen this as Kat saying the line but I hear it differently.... as in she would say 3-3-0 not 6-0... I could be wrong!

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Hello my name is Jorge and i would like you to know that you misspelled the spartan Jorge's name