The Package Plot Halo: Legends

This week's Halo: Legend's anime film on Halo Waypoint via the Xbox Dash is the first of two parts called The Package. 

The Package's plot follows the hero from the xbox games, the, er.. legendary Master Chief and four specially chosen Spartans as they launch out on a stealth cruiser into the heart of a massive Covenant fleet in a bid to recover a valuable intelligence asset.

This anime proves that Spartans are adept at fighting in zero-gravity and  are adept at piloting never-before-seen light attack vehicles. The  Spartans' target is a Covenant CCS-class Battlecruiser using the Booster Frames ships.  

Once Master Chief locates the target he and the Spartans blast their way on board the ship, where the action gets hand-to-hand as they fight through an army of Covenant troops in order to recover the most important Human intelligence resource there is....

The Package was put together by Casio Entertainment and 'visionary' director Shinji Aramaki, who's Appleseed films are among the more popular anime films in the western world.

Above: The target of the Spartan's Attack
Below: John 117 on a Booster Frame

Here's the Promotional trailer for The Package - it gives a great shot of the Spartan's attacking the Covenant space ship.

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Jimmy Jangles said...

I totally wrote this post in anticiapting seeing the package but when I got to my box last night it was missing.. stupid xmas party going on too long...