Halo Reach Campaign Screen Shots Leaked by Tom Morello

The Needler is going to be in Halo: Reach 

Halo Muliplayer Beta Campaign Screen Shots Leaked by Tom Morello

Update: Turns out Mr Morello, just put his name on someone else's pictures. I presume the rest of the story is from the original leaker. 

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello was not responsible for leaking these screen shots of Halo: Reach's campaign but someone using his moniker sure is.

The leaked shots are of the beta version of the Halo: Reach campaign element of the game. Fans who purchased Halo 3: ODST might recall the sales pitch included the promise of access to the multiplayer beta if they held onto the ODST disk. This is not how Tom Morello got the pictures, he was presumably part of a more informal testing program.

Here's the leaked pictures of Colin Trevorrrow's Star Wars.

A rather detailed looking Spartan Laser appears to be in the offering

Battle Riffles....

Some kind of super purple needler? 

Potential Spoiler Alert: U haz been warned.

The following is what Tom Morello supposedly has posted explaining how Reach plays:

"This first mission was just like Halo 1's 2nd mission where you had to find the marines that crash landed throughout the map, but in halo reach you are finding spartans. It's a pretty big map, and the worthog was very useful for getting places. The worthog can carry as many as 5 people (the driver, the front passenger, the gunner, and two seats below the gunner that face left and right, not forward)

The second mission was pretty action packed. You start out getting dropped off, and the action immediately begins. You are with squadmates. Throughout this mission you have to cover your spartan friend (who's a girl) and give her coverage so that she can hack into the computer. There are 3 big guns on the map that she has to hack into. Hacking into them gains control of the gun, and I guess it gives them control of the air (you see banshees and hornets flying throughout the entire level)

The third stage is very similar to Truth and Reconciliation (the 3rd stage on Halo 1). You and another spartan have snipers. You have to get into the enemy base from the cliffs (you start out on the cliffs). While you go in the base, your spartan friend covers you from the cliffs above. At the end of this level, you save a bunch of scientists or marines (not really sure who they are actually). They are humans who refused to leave their site even though they ordered everyone to get out. At the end of the level you save them and get picked up by a pelican.

Those were the first 3 stages. As for gameplay, everyone on those forums are talking about the perks. I guess I kinda used the wrong word. It's not really a perk, but rather a device that you can pick up. You can only carry one at a time. I found 3 different devices in the first 3 missions-Halogram, cloak, and sprint. So it's not really a perk, like you would think from call of duty. They are just devices you pick up and that have cooldowns. Update: Sprint is called Dash

The new BR is the 12 round, 1 shot with the scope. I think it's more powerfull than the burst fire BR from halo 3.

The sniper rifle has a longer delay between shots (I was upset with this).

The gameplay seem VERY similar to the other halos. It still has that "slow" feeling. The enemies also fight the exact same way, even the hunters.

The new needler carbine gun is cool. It takes three shots to make the needles explode on someone. However, if that person has a shield, you have to take out the shield before the needles can stick. So this gun can be effective if you shoot grunts and jackals, that way they explode and do more damage. You can't just shoot an elite three times, you have to bring his shield down first, then when you shoot him 3 times when he doesnt have a shield, the needles explode.

When you cloak, your radar is jammed, so you see red dots everywhere. Also, you can't hear anything going on. It's like trying to hear someone say something when you are underwater.

There is a new worthog that shoots volley missles. It seemed very overpowered, but fun. It would shoot about 4-6 shots and they explode upon contact. Then there is about a 5 second wait. Then you can shoot again (basically a 5 second cooldown for every time you can fire)."

Here's one more leaked picture of the Reach Campaign:


Based on the information that's been coming out recently, this 'leak' of info seems pretty accurate. Some of the items are described differently but the Game Informer Halo Info and the Edge magazine promotion pieces seem to match this write up.


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