So who is the dude in the Spartan Suit in Halo 5?

halo guardians
Who I am ?


When Halo 5 was announced you couldn't help but notice the Master Chief was top and tailing with a character wearing a Spartan style armour. The blue glow across their visor simply made me think that this was Cortana who was now  Guardian and was about to embark on another epic adventure with the Chief. I thought cool, and moved on.

Till I spied this article at The Secrets Within today via HBO which discusses the places that Halo 5 may take place. Sanghelios, anyone? What a curious thought! Maybe the Chief had to go pick up the Arbiter for a mission! Were it so easy!

That article lead me to this. An unequivocal statement by a key Halo developer that the character in Halo 5 is NOT Cortana.

So a whole new character. It's not Cortana. It's not Palmer. And I guess it's not Jun if it's a new character either.

So who could it be? I have no bloody idea - I hope it's not simply another human soldier, I want their to be some wonder about this guy. Like we are all wondering now....

One wonders if it will be a tie in to Mike Colter's character from the new Halo series...

Personally I would love it the story followed more of the path set in Halo 4 that any return to Earth, dealing with politics caused by Earthly men, visiting the Arbiter or some such - the Guardians sounds like some entities we need to meet!

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