Bungie sends some love to a little boy

Bungie get Halo. They get community. They get the fans and they get that fans sometimes need a little love beyond making great video games. Enter Bungie Foundation, a charity they set up to "to reduce distress and suffering of children." Here's a cool thing the Foundation was recently able to do.

Redditor fiscal_ posted trying to get some help with getting in touch with Bungie Foundation to arrange some Halo cheer for his Halo loving son who had just a massive liver replacement operation. One can only imagine the toll that takes on a young fellow. Some people talked to other people and the BF was able to come to the party and sent around Christine to deliver a card signed by some of the Bungie team, some swag and a spartan helmet.

Here's Fiscal_'s thanks on Reddit, and some pictures of him and his son, enjoying trying out Carter's Spartan helmet.

Nice work Dad and Bungie.

I couldn't help but notice what Christine was wearing - a Destiny shirt:

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