Pray the Mantis doesn't stomp your ass.


Pray the Mantis doesn't stomp your ass.

Here's a new video for Halo 4's new multiplayer map Ragnarok, a re-do of Valhalla from Halo 3. But that's not the point. A new piece of equipment known as the Mantis is available to use in multiplayer - it's basically a mech warrior that has enough firepower to take down banshees and the like quite effortlessly.

I can't wait to see how Halo players react to the Mantis, I imagine some wonderful game types will be created! Nice work 343, this is a nice addition to the Halo realm.

It's very E209....

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Josh said...

oh man! I can see myself in it and totally getting nervous, flipping it on it's head and the legs just flaying in the air, the the blue spider hits! BOOM!