Halo 4 Flood Mode: Quelle Horreur!


Flood Mode in Halo 4

Little English blog let it be known that Halo 4 will feature Flood Mode.

Do you recall Infection Mode from the prior Halo games? It's been replaced with Flood Mode.

So instead of the Walk Dead running round with swords, the mode will feature Spartans who have succumbed to the plague of the 'Flooded Chainsaw'.

Word on the streets of France is that the Flood Mode supports up to 12 players with two playing as Alpha Flood Infected and the other 10 attempting to survive and not get turned to the dark side. While infected players do not carry a weapon, they do have sharp claws and enhanced vision (promethean?) to hunt down their Spartan prey.

Great to see that along with the permanent addition of Grif Ball, Halo 4 is truly mixing things up a bit.

Still, there's nothing worse than a flooded chainsaw, let alone dealing with the badies of Halo!

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