Star Wars Body Painted Cosplay Babes

Palpatine was really into his Sith Apprentice

Body painted cosplayers from Star Wars

Princess Leia was always pretty hot from the get go in Star Wars however it was Return of the Jedi where she took a starring role strangling Jabba the Hutt whilst wearing a gold bikini. It's the stuff of cosplay legend.

And this has pretty much open up the realm of Star Wars babes. So here's some wearing body paint.

The world's most sexy body painted bounty hunter?

You'll probably never look at C3PO again after you've seen this below.....

Where are you R2?
Body Painted Princess Leia

Body Painted Storm Troopers

Want more? How about the The Ultimate Star Wars Cosplay page? Did you that Alan Tudyk plays Enforcer Robot, K-250 in Rogue One?

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