ME3 Jack's arm tattoo as a back tattoo


ME3 Jack's arm tattoo as a back tattoo

There’s extreme love for a video game character.

I'm looking at you Master Chief.

Then there’s EXTREME love for Jack (Subject Zero) from Mass Effect. This fan has taken the ultimate step and had Jack’s arm tattoo tattooed on to the flesh of her own back.

It’s pretty epic.

As a related aside, this link shows that the tattoos on the character of Jack’s other arm concept art for the character of Jack herself.

That’s pretty sneaky Bioware!


This easter egg is backed up by Matt Rhode's concept artwork he did:

concept art for Jack mass effect

Jack has prooved one of the enduring characters from Mass Effect - Miranda still looms large as a cosplay fan favourite, and lets never forget the infamous body painted Mass Effect promo girls!

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