Fall of Cybertron Demonstration Review

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Fall of Cybertron Demonstration Review

Did you ever play the Transformers game on the Commodore 64? I'm talking about the 80s here so half of you probably weren't even born when it came out. I recall it was impressively crap and hard to play. Thank goodness High Noon know how how to make a Transformers game. First, they did War for Cybertron which was very well received but due to my observation that games featuring big fucking giant robots beating each other up have generally under performed, I never played it.

fall-cybertronSo when I heard (via the Xbox dashboard) they had made a sequel, Fall of Cybertron I was a little surprised. War for Cybertron must have been good eh? Seeing as there was a demo to download, I thought, it's free so I might as well give it a try. And so I duly downloaded the 2 gigabytes of it and had a crack.

What a blast! The demo features two demos, one you get to play as Bumblebee as he races to help Optimus Prime battle Megatron, the other is played as Blast Off, a Combaticon (I had him as a kid!) as he takes part in an operation to 'steal back' some Energon that those wicked Autobots have got their grubby hands on.

Game play wise, Fall of Cybertron is a fast and furious ride though the bowels of Cybertron. It's bright and colourful - indeed it's a quite tasteful palate (none of this gritty Gears of War business featured in the demo).

Transforming from robot in to alt mode is quite simple and it's fun to chop and change, especially while as playing as Blast Off. Having two modes appears to offer the chance to tackle certain targets in different ways (however not every point in the demo allows you to choose).

This demo of Fall of Cybertron hints that the full game will be a terrific fun ride, one that is clearly inspired by the original Generation of Transformers but wrapped in the modern reality of what the gaming universe has to offer. And guns. Lots of guns.

And hey, it looks like that the might Grimlock is going to be in the game, so it might be worth ponying up so cash for that Dinobot alone!

You can pre-order Fall of Cybertron here from Amazon.

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