Adrianne Curry as Legend

Princess Lili from Legend cosplay

Adrianne Curry's Legend cosplay costume

Cosplay Queen Adrianne Curry lived up to the hype that the SDCC Comic Con promised. Here's her portrayal from the Legend movie.

I have that movie on DVD but stopped halfway through due to sheer boredom...

Not to be content with the black dress, Adrianne then donned a tight fitting leather outfit that was a play on a certain Star Wars look... oh, how could I forget Raptor Jesus....

Adrianne Curry Legend movie cosplay
Evil Queen 

adrianne curry cosplay queen cosplay
The Queen struts her stuff
Adrianne in her second comic con costume, an employee of the Evil Empire from Star Wars

Curry at the Tekken party of the Comic Con
What's that you say? Bring out the Raptor Jesus? OK, here you go.....

Raptor Jesus -adrianne-curry
Raptor Jesus

Adrianne Curry as 'Raptor Jesus'


Courtney Coulson said...

Thank you, I'm glad someone else noticed too. Legend is a badass movie, apparently no one remembers it though.

Jimmy Jangles said...

No need to be rude. We're not all as enlightened as you are anon. For the record, Legend sucked as a movie.