The Great Mass Effect 3 Bait and Switch?

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The miracle result of Project Lazarus
Every man and his blog has had a few things to say about the ending of Mass Effect 3. I think that Sagequeen from Game Tourist has some pretty good thoughts on the game and it's story.

"What I wanted was to hear the ending of the story I started way back in Mass Effect 1 when I was asked to log in to the Alliance database and begin the tale of Commander Shepard. Project Lazarus notwithstanding, that story continued on into Mass Effect 2. And then, Mass Effect 3 re-instated Shepard and for most of the tale (Crucible aside) I was eagerly awaiting an end to the tale.

But Mass Effect 3 never delivered that ending. What I wanted was to see how we're going to solve this problem of dark energy accumulation. Compared to that, this so-called inevitable singularity is small potatoes. We can deal with it. I wanted to see the races of the galaxy fight for their freedom, not stand and cheer as a miracle-in-a-box fixed everything for us.

But some other story happened instead."

Read Sagequeen's full thoughts on the bait and switch that Bioware pulled here

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