Ten Sexy Stormtrooper Pictures

Latex-storm-trooper-cosplay skirt

When George Lucas came up with the idea for Stormtroopers to serve as light saber fodder for Luke Skywalker, I doubt he imaged the perversions Star Wars fans would do to his creations.

I mean how gutted must he be that Storm Troopers have had the chance to 'set the puppies' free and have been as sexualized as just as much as his "Princess Leia in a Gold Bikini" creation. 

How gutted would he have been... like this harassment by Darth Vader over an employee is a real turn off:

The Blonde Storm Trooper
Does she hit the bullseye or miss her target like every other stormtrooper?

sexy midriff showing storm trooper

casually sexy stormtrooper lass

body painted star wars trooper

Storm trooper in her underwear
Stormtrooper in her underwear
sexy girl dressed as stormtrooper cosplay

Burlesque Storm Trooper-breasts

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