Bungie never intended to make Halo 4?!

halo 4 concept art

Those who were born under the proverbial rock and never crawled out from underneath will recall that Halo 3 ended with a cliff hanger where the Chief and Cortana where left floating in space aboard the Pillar of Autumn, seemingly headed to some kind of strange planet.

As part of his endless set of interviews during E3 Expo, Frank O'Connor had this to say about that ending:

"It was a cliffhanger Bungie never intended to resolve"

Never. Intended. To. Resolve.

What the heck Bungie? Were you really going to leave us like that? Perhaps you always intended to do Halo: Reach as a prequel? Maybe your battle of wills with Microsoft was getting in the way and you made other plans.

Imagine if there was never a Halo set after the wonderful H3? Fans would be arguing forever and a day about what happened to our heroes and what that planet was. Indeed Frank further said"

"And they let people imagine what happened to the Chief. It was a great idea and a perfect parting gift, but there's something nice about being able to say "the thing I thought that happened was..." and being able to craft it."

As it turned about fanboys did go nuts trying to figure it out out. For example and from memory, I think a Marathon symbol was identified in the planet / sphere which lead to people to speculate Halo was about to find itself being cast in the world of Bungie's prior Marathon game mytholgies, or the more obvious that it had something to do with Forerunners.

Regardless, Frank's comment is a nice little reminder that we cannot always take things for granted in gaming. Our heroes will not always be running round saving all the planets - sure, the cash cows will always be milked for all their worth (how many war based games are there these days?) but some times sleeping dogs are left to lie.

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