Movie references found in Mass Effect

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Movie references found in Mass Effect

The entire Mass Effect game series is brimming with easter eggs and references to other games, movies and other popular culture. Here's a few movie nod though I think I've missed a whole heap of in jokes, direct lines and what not.

The Matrix

Joker refers to humans being organic batteries “Great this is where it starts, when we're all organic batteries guess who they'll blame?". This is in reference to the artificial intelligence EDI being freed of her programming locks.

A Spacey Odyssey 2001

Joker again. “What?! You're crazy! You start singing Daisy Bell and I'm done!" – The computer HAL 9000 sang Daisy Bell when it was beingdeactivated after going insane (or rampant perhaps). This itself was a reference to the IBM 7094 which was the first computer to sing and it sang the same song.

The Princess Bride

Commander Sheppard tells a C-Sec official that he was "just mostly dead." This was after Cerberus brought him back to life.

In the original ME, Commander Shepard tells a Krogan that the mine shift is collapsing and will surely kill them all. The Krogan replies, "Exhilirating, isn't it?", a direct reference to Klingon Kruge's response to Captain Kirk in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

If you take Sheppard to the Citadel and go to the bar on level 28 you can ask for a drink. The bar tender will pour you a tasty beverage. Shepard will exclaim 'This is green!'. This is a direct reference to Scotty's line from the original Star Trek movie.

ME2 - If you find yourself on Zakera Ward talking to Avina, can ask her why this area is more run down. She says "Asari futurists theorize that poverty will never truly be overcome by society until the invention of Cornucopia technology. A machine that can create anything the user desires. Such objects sadly do not exist out side science fiction literature" This is mostly potentially a reference to the replicator devices from Star Trek.

Star Wars 

In ME3, when Sheppard helps the Cerberus scientists escape, the line "The first transport is away.." is uttered and is a reference to the Rebels escaping the ice planet Hoth

The Hunt for Red October

During a ME3 mission with Tali, Joker activates the stealth drive saying "the only way they'll notice us is if everyone starts singing the Russian national anthem."

Battlestar Galactica 

OK it's a TV reference but while leaving the Geth Dreadnought Joker says "Just waggle your wings or something so I know which one is you" This is reference to the original Battlestar Galactica episode titled 'The Hand of God.'

What else is there? Leave your thoughts in the comments !

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