Missed out on your free Fallout Poster?

Image Source: www.fallout-posters.com

Say you run a fan site about Fallout that allows fans to download fall out posters.... say the IP rights holder is not happy and sicks the lawyers on to you....do you take them down?
This happened to the administrator of Fallout Posters, Erling Anderson. In response to legal demands he stopped the posters from being able to be down loaded and has this to say.
"Now, I’m not out looking for trouble. I set up the website out of pure 'fandom', and the last thing I wanted – or expected – was to be threatened with a lawsuit by Bethesda," Andersen wrote. "What pisses me off isn’t the fact that they’re looking out for their trademark – as they have every right to do so. What I’m pissed about are large companies abusing their monetary power, hiring global law firms to go after a fan online, immediately threating with a lawsuit.
Anderson then went on to say 
"Had they had the slighest bit of PR-savyness, they would have shot me a quick personal mail asking me to remove the (supposed) infringing content – and preferrably sent me some nice Fallout-swag as a nice gesture (yes, I am that corrupt)."

Erling wrote the lawyers back a sweet little letter on his blog but  he's had no response to date. I wonder if Bethseda will take it further given the publicity that's resulted. 
What do you think? Should this fan art be allowed to stay on the interwebs?


Joshua said...

This reminds, oh so lovely, of Nintendo and how it treats its fans and their non-profit, for-the-love-of-it-all fan-games.

It's like torpedoing your own supply ships.

Jimmy Jangles said...

That's a classic line bro