Cortana revealed - is she Paisha Coffey?

Paisha Coffey cortana model halo 4
Cortana as found in Halo 4
We wondered in January if Paisha Coffey was really going to be the model for Halo 4 and now that some official screen shots of Cortana from the game have been released we can have a look for ourselves and decide. This guy from reddit was pretty convinced and this facebook shot suggests it- what do you think? Is Paisha really Cortana? The nose seems a little similar.....

Fans can relax however, Jen Taylor is definitely doing the voice of Cortana for the game!

Paisha Coffey cortana model
Paisha Coffey, model

Paisha Coffey cortana model halo 4
Cortana modelling what looks to be Blue Steel
paisha coffey is cortanna

Master Chief and Cortana having a heart to heart

Paisha Coffey model red lips

Not too labour the point or anything but here's one more picture of Paisha doing some modelling. It's like her job you know....

paisha coffey model

It would be very interesting to see Paisha all dolled up as Cortana - in the same way the Rana McNeer has been doing the convention rounds as Samara.


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Heh, I went to school with paisha. Nice.

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