Bungie's Goodbye Sweetheart Halo Wallpaper

good bye sweet heart bungie wall paper

Bungie's Goodbye to Halo Wallpaper known as "Goodbye Sweetheart" is a pretty impressive look back across the Halo games.

Right click and 'save as' to get the wallpaper for yourself!

As found on Bungie's homepage. Check out the good bye multiplayer statistics!


Anonymous said...

Having played, and completed, every single Halo game on legendary difficulty co-op with my brother, since it's inception over 10 years ago, I find this image very sad.

Anonymous said...

yup. but cool none the less!

Lazkin said...

I saw this and felt so many conflicted emotions. I think it shows that, in the end, Biungie still cared about the fans that made them great.

In one shot we see everything that has involved fans, gamers, designers and engineers for a decade of fun, laughs and tears.

I think the title is fitting, goodbye to the fans and farewell to bungie. And as we look to the next evolution of gaming, let's not forget where it all started.

Lazkin said...

And let's also not forget the dangers of posting on a smart phone. Spelling errors FTW.