The Top Ten Video Game People to Follow on Twitter

You night recall a while back I did a post who had the top ten Halo twitter accounts. I thought it would be interesting to do a list of industry folk in the gaming industry who have interesting things to say.

Obviously, jjsgearsofhalo is the best twitter account to follow but here's some other producers, designers and other cool kids to follow:

Major Nelson - Microsoft promo guy who has his finger on the pulse. What's come out and when. Often gives out Xbox codes....

Cliff Bleszinski - Cliff is the guy who made the Gears of War franchise the monster that it is. 

BS Angel - Jessica Shea is a Queen of the Halo community and indeed is the community manager for 343 industries who are making Halo 4.

Halo Waypoint -These guys are forging the Halo community from the Microsoft side

Marty O'Donnell. He makes Halo sound like Mozart. Who knows what his Destiny will be?

Casey Hudson - The guy in charge of Mass Effect 3 and man, does he have some issues at the moment so he should be a very interesting follow!

Rod Fergusson - a big deal at Epic games and basically the guts of Gears of War.

Jessica Chobot - IGN's pin up girl that will help you 'strategise' any time. You might also know her as Dianne Allers in Mass Effect 3.

Gary Whitta - not really sure what he does but he's a Lego fan...

Ken Levine - he's making Bioshock Infinite. If it sux, blame him. 

So... who is awesome that should also be on this list? Leave your suggestion in the comments!

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