Garuss Cosplay from Mass Effect

“Fighting a rogue Spectre with countless lives at stake and no regulations to get in the way? I'd say that beats C-Sec.”
Garuss. He's like the blue police man of the Mass Effect series. He's the dude with the sniper rifle that never misses. He's got Sheppard's back and is right behind his Commander which in the modern age can mean all   kinds of things.

Either way Garrus  Vakarian has proven to be a fan favourite for Mass Effect cosplayers and these pictures of Garuss in cosplay costumes are pretty much evidence of that!

Pretty sweet Garrus mask!
You gotta ask yourself one question..

garrus costume mass effect

garuss tali cosplay
Garrus and Tali

Not a fan of Garrus? Can we interest you in Miranda?

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