JJ Reviews: Demo of Mass Effect 3

Behold the Reapers.....
Got my hands on the demonstration run through of Mass Effect last night. Opening with what appears to be the start of the game I enjoyed a run through with Sheppard and the Admiral as they dodged the lazers of the initial Reapers whilst making their way to the Normandy.

The demo was a chance to meet James Vega and a new look Ashley who was sure giving wistful looks to her Commander !

Game play has been refined - your character can now jump, climb ladders and do the moonwalk which is pretty awesome. The game has cover based tactics kind of like Gears of War so I keep being frustrated when I tried Gears cover and roll tactics and getting caught out. It's either that or the mechanics are a little clunky.

The graphics both in game and cut scene are superb. The Xbox 360 has come a long way since Perfect Dark Zero eh? Characters displayed some incredible detail which bodes well for the many many characters we can expect to meet in the game's campaign.

In terms of the tone of the demo, the fact the game killed a little kid suggests the campaign will be a no holds barred story. Off course, the kid could have survived that laser blast and explosion and crash....

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