ODST Revisited

Forward Unto Dawn has commenced a series of posts on Halo 3: ODST - starting with Prepare to Drop - it's an articulate insight into setting the scene for what was a pretty cool Halo game.

Here's an excerpt:

"It’s great how we get to see a full tactical insertion from the ODST’s perspective, from the moment the HEV’s closes to the moment the Rookie steps out, even if things didn’t go according to the plan. The genesis for this fantastic cutscene may have existed as far back as the Halo 3 beta when players found out that via glitching on the level Valhalla, they could ascend from the green rolling hills of the level up high into the atmosphere where the sky would darken and the stars would become more visible. It seems the technology was within the Halo 3 engine all along and now full realised in “Prepare to Drop”.

Maybe they'll answer the question of why the intended title of Halo 3: Recon was changed.....

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