ME3 will definitely have a 'bad guy'

Casey Hudson was interviewed by Game Informer's Phil Kollar, Here's a key bit about the ME3 'bad guy'.

Game Informer: One of the few criticisms that I saw thrown around for Mass Effect 2 – and I should note that I did not view this as a problem, but I know that some people did – was the lack of a distinct bad guy or a real face to the enemy the way you had in Mass Effect 1. The final boss fight in Mass Effect 2 kind of comes out of nowhere. Is that something that you’ll be changing in Mass Effect 3? Is there a more specific villain or is it still just kind of the general threat of the Reapers?

Casey Hudson: In the first one we had Saren. In the second one, we wanted to introduce some mystery into who’s doing what, and that was supposed to be the Illusive Man. In the third game, yeah, I think we’re introducing a clearer target for Shepard, a clearer foil.


There you have it, none of this 'assuming control' bollocks from ME2. It appears that the ME3 will have a real enemy to take on (aside from the Reaper collective) - hopefully one as full and complete as Saren was!

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