How badly acted is Samantha Byrne in Gears 3?

How badly acted is Samantha Byrne in Gears 3?

In two words. Very badly.

Do you remember how bad the acting in the original Gears game was? Baird was terrible. The Cole Train laughable. Marcus' only saving grace was that his voice was whole unique and actually managed to convey a true sense of emotional depth - well at least when he wasn't yelling "Bring it".

It's my view Samantha Byrne is the worsely acted character in the entire Gears franchise. How the heck that voice acting got through play testing without the testers murmuring about how dire it was? How did Cliff Bleszinski let this pass?

Samantha's character is voiced by Claudia Black, an actor who's voiced many video games and films and is known for her role in Pitch Black. Given her breadth of experience, how the fuck she turn in that performance? Was it the voice director or was she just simply trying to sound like an obnoxious Aussie actor from Home and Away?

Any ways, the actual character of Sam Byrne is quite interesting, here's a small biography - she's had more history that just other than the games as she's been featured in the associated novels.


Private Samantha Byrne was born in Avengad, Kashkur, which is near the famous Anvil Gate, which featured as garrison in the Pendulum Wars. Her father was Sargeant Samuel Byrne who died during the Siege of Anvil Gate in the Pendulum Wars.

Like her father, she joined the COG army and was assigned to Delta-One, Marcus Fenix's company.

During the COG occupation at Vectes, Samantha was involved in multiple pivotal encounters including the discovery that Lambency had jumped across species barrier when herself, Bernadette Mataki, the now battle hardened Anya Stroud and Alex survived an onslaught of what appeared to be Lambent forces.

After the COG disbanded, she joined Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad on the CNV Sovereign rather than attempting a pilgrimage to Anvegad with the grumpy Colonel Victor Hoffman and Bernadette Mataki.

Sam survived the final campaign in Gears of War 3.


Anonymous said...

In no way is she bad. Shes actually pretty awesome and is widely accepted by many. Not sure what flaws you see cuz Claudia Black did a good job

Jimmy Jangles said...

I'd take heed of your concerns if you were able to punctuate properly. Thanks for stopping by and warmest regards.