Halo, Ghosts and birthday cakes

In doing a cake post I feel I should get the obligatory Portal reference out of the way first. These cakes don't lie. In fact they say nothing but how awesome Halo is - when fans make cakes of the things they love, you truly know their hearts and minds have been well and truly captured.

For my birthdays, my mother would make me pirate cakes and ghost cakes. These days it appears all the kids ask for is Halo cakes or maybe a well frosted cake from the Gears of War franchise.... so we'll start on a twist on the ghost cake.... a Halo ghost cake!

Lady Cake Ninja is awesome but not as awesome as Connery's mom who made him this sweet Master Chief Cake. I bet it tasted green and delicious!

Now clearly a master chef made this Master Chief!

Cortana is rampant as a cake

The Ghost Who Walks, Emile is also a tasty looking cake.....

Are you talking to me Nate?
Reach for a piece

Nice frosting

Scorpion Tank Cake beats everything

Elias' mom clearly loves him!

Where's the keys?

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