Sexy World of Warcraft babes cosplay

There's a reason why WOW is so popular.....
Sexy World of Warcraft babes

If there was ever a computer game that cried out for some cosplay love it is World of Warcraft. Luckily for keen readers, there's a keen and ready supply of sexy babes that just want to dress up as their WoW characters to show their love for the game. It may they just like the cute elf ears they get to wear? Who really knows - I'm not sure I know any one this good looking that actually has a WoW account!


Double trouble elves

The above cos player is appearing as Fjola Lightbane who is a boss type character from the Trial of the Crusader game raid.

How sexy is this succubus with her whip and all?

Some blood elves to delight you:

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