Seven of Nine Star Trek Voyager Cosplay

seven of nin costume cosplay

Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager Cosplay

Star Trek's Seven of Nine  Cosplay

Seven of Nine Cosplay from Star Trek 

Seven of Nine was a late addition to season 4 of Star Trek Voyager as a former Borg assimilation.  The character proved wildly popular with television fans and breathed new life into the Voyager show and making a star of actress Jerri Ryan. The character is making a return to the Idiot Box in the new Star Trek Piccard show. It's set 20 years after we last saw 7even in Voyager.

Seven of Nine Cosplay face

professional cosplay seven of nineSeven of Nine Cpurple outfit
Lives under the ocean Seven of Nine 
7 of 9 lyrca costume

imprisoned seven of 9 cosplayer

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