Halo 4 designers talk Halo 4

Here's a sweet video from Game Informer which is an interview with 343 Industries' studio creative director Josh Holmes and Halo 4 executive producer Kiki Wolfkill as they share a few internally approved thoughts on the development of the new Halo trilogy and what may be on the gaming horizon.

It's a 20 odd minute interview - here's a couple of notes from it:

A new trilogy means there can be new freedoms in Halo 4's plot but it has to be grounded in the original trilogy's plot foundations.

Music- there will be new themes (and I guess motifs) to represent the new journey. I'm sure there will be the odd nod to the O'Donnell riffs but it sounds like it's gonna be all new.

Regarding the story of the Master Chief - Halo 4 is a deliberate attempt to show a more of the man - The issue the game designers face is to make it so the player always feel like they are playing the Chief they always know and not to detract from the prior experience (and I presume for first timers as well) of the Halo games. The solution is to give 'Le Chief 117' some extremely tough choices to make and the solutions will not be obvious. No indication of course if the actual player makes the choices for the Chief or if it's simply plot driven.

The Halo 4 game engine - is a different engine from Halo: Anniversary (like dur!) but is based on past halo tech that's been optimised into something new and thus is effectively completely internal tech.

The interviewer did his best to get some real details from Wolfkill and Holmes but they were both up to the task and indeed expressed their frustration that they could not share any real new Halo 4 news.

The gray scale framed pictures in the back ground look interesting..... did NE 1 glean any details?

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