Two Cranes and a Halo short film

Do you remember those cool movies that were released around the time of Halo 3 such as the one that that had the ODST soliders running round blowing up giant Brutes with rockets? You know, the one with the ODST fellas trying to track the Master Chief as he re-entered Earth's atmosphere (and thus set the scene for the start of Halo 3)?

I've always thought of those two cranes from the shorts (above) as naggingly familar to me. And think I've figured out why - as I walked to work the other day I spied in the distance two cranes found at Wellington's Port, CentrePort.

And that was it for me - knowing that Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp made the short films in preparation for the production of the Halo movie only a 15 odd minute drive from this spot made me wonder if these cranes in the Wellington Port were used as inspiration for the short, or were even copied directly.

Here's a shot of them from the Centreport's own website:

What do you think? Am I seeing things?


Anonymous said...

yeah.... na....maybe

Anonymous said...

Well, those kinds of cranes are fairly standard. when I was a kid, getting driven around in the back of my parents' car, I always thought of them as dinosaurs. There's a boatload in Baltimore, MD, USA, and I imagine any big port.

Jimmy Jangles said...

Oh don't spoil my fun..... ;)