Reach Title Update News

If you were watching the videos that did the rounds when Halo Anniversary was announced you may recall the reference to the need for a Halo Reach Xbox title update. Here's some news on it.

The team at 343 Industries has been slaving away working on an update for “Halo: Reach” both to bring new experiences to fans as well as address feedback from the gaming community. 

The most noticeable change on the way? The return of the lethal “Halo: Combat Evolved” Magnum pistol to “Halo: Anniversary” and “Halo: Reach” multiplayer gameplay. Certain hoppers will have this classic weapon in effect. 3 headshot kills from across the map anyone?

In addition, the update, which is targeted for release in October, will introduce several multiplayer fixes for “Halo: Reach” fans have been begging for. 

The Armor Lock ability now absorbs a level of damage based on the amount of remaining energy a player has, diminishing its effectiveness. 

Active Camo’s duration has been reduced somewhat and the ability to block sword attacks using any weapon other than another sword has been disabled.

And for fans of precision firing with weapons such as the DMR, reticle “bloom” is now configurable, delivering increased accuracy when firing in rapid succession.

This title update will also enable “Halo: Reach” gamers using an Xbox 360 4GB console without a HDD  competent to utilize Campaign and Firefight matchmaking which previously required a HDD.

I suspect there will be a beta period as well before the update and any info gained from that would be fed into the update.

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