Masters of the Universe Cosplay

Hoo ra for She Ra!
I have the poweeeerrrrr! So went the catch cry of Prince Adam as he transformed into his alter ego of He-Man  in the Masters of the Universe cartoon. And so do cosplay fans have the power as they work their She Ra and Evil Lyn magic. There's plenty on offer here - buff He-Man, evil Skelteor and some cool little Ork fellas. And a lady Ork too, which is kind odd but it works.Should we call her an Orkette? Enjoy the pictures below!

Madam, I'm Adam

Ork and muscle bound man

Babes putting the sex into the Universe, masterfully.

Those are some massive.... staffs that Evil Lyn and She Ra have
Ra Ra oh Lady Ra Ra
Female Skeletor and Beast Man all fury like

Skeletor in full pose mode

Trap Jaw Cosplay
Not everyone was into Masters of the Universe in the day. Maybe you were a Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles fan

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