Transformer Cosplay from Botcon 2011

Shockwave, Buumblebee, Arcee, Shockwave
No surprise that Botcon 2011 had plenty of Transformer robots on display and in particular these cosplay pictures caught my eye. Nice camera work Doug.

Scout Bumblebee cosplay
This model of Bumblebee in what I'm calling scout mode is pretty awesome. I wonder how heavy this and all the other Transformer costumes are? Fans must also go to some real expense to put these outfits together too!

Jazz and what I think might be Prowl on the loose at Botcon. 


Above the the sexy versions of some classic robots. Arcee, you might know as the cousin of the famous Bellatron. I note the lady in yellow's costume is very similar to this Bumblebee outfit - I hope they don't turn up to the same convention - that could be disastrous!

P.S. Cant.hardly.wait for Dark of the Moon to come out - you gonna see it?

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