Stuff's Matt Maguire gives his views on the run through of Gears of War 3 that he was privy to at E3.

The Gears of War series has never been known for its subtlety, so it was only fitting that Ice-T - a man with a similar reputation - was brought to a vast stage at E3 by Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski to play through a short segment of the upcoming game.

The gameplay shown took place on what appeared to be a cargo ship lost at sea and under attack by a large, tentacled creature named Leviathan - like the Lambent, a product of emulsion mutation.

All the Gears touchstones - yelling, gore, heavy gunfire and yelling - were present and in abundance as the assembled COGs formulated a plan to take out the sea-dwelling beast.

With the eight COGs present but split into two groups of four and occupying two separate sections of the stricken liner, we first saw things from the perspective of Marcus and Dom's team as they rushed to a maintenance bay to retrieve two Silverback battlesuits before tackling the Leviathan head-on.

These mini-mech suits come equipped with a Gatling gun, have stomp and kick attacks, and can deploy into a stationary turret mode which allows them to launch missiles while being used as cover by other players.

After taking some punishment and with one of its eye sockets oozing yellow goo, the Leviathan retreated, allowing the Gears to focus on smaller facehugger-like creatures swarming the decks. When the Leviathan redoubled its efforts to chew the ship to pieces, the other COG team led by Cole dumped a container of Tickers onto it, sending it to a watery grave as Marcus and Dom dove out of the way.

Check out the rest of the article here, sounds like it will be an epic adventure!

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