Some details on Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

This is actually from Halo 4....

So here’s some collected details on Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

  • Weapon sound effects have been improved
  • The orchestral music score has had parts re-recorded and or re-mastered.
  • Game can revert to the original visual setting at anytime – so you can flick back and forth in game to see the differences in the HD upgrade.
  • That means Anniversary is actually running two software engines at the same time. The classic original Halo engine runs to make the game play the exactly in same way that it did in the original Halo. Over the top of that, a graphical engine runs the newly flashed up HD landscapes and AI characters etc.
  • New multiplayer maps will be made available, some of them based on original maps  - a new firefight map will be included too.
  • All the tricks from Halo: Reach will be included into multiplayer such as assassinations
  • Remember those tricky to find termals from H3? They’re back. Once accessed you will watch video narrated by Guilty Spark.
  • The extremely overpowered but popular Magnum pistol is making a triumphant return. As they said, game play stays the same, so it makes sense to include the magnum!

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