Wellington Armageddon Cosplay 2011

Ms Sackhoff and friend
So Sydney had it's cosplay turn and now it's Wellington's turn to host the Armageddon Expo. How did it do? Well for a nation that loves to cut down it's tall poppies, I think we did ok. While I was out house  hunting these keen cosplayers braved the wind to head to the Queens Wharf Event Centre to meet Katie Sackhoff and to get photographed with an old school Doctor Who and the most awesome John Rhys-Davies who played Gimli in Lord of the Rings but I whom I love for for his roles in the Indiana Jones movies!

Any ways, here's some pictures of the local crew and their cos play endeavours.

All the right cosplay friends
Peace and Live Long and Prosper
Japanese anime cos players
Girls just want have cosplay fun!

Mr Pumpkin Head and sexy sailor girl friend

Interpretive Sith Lord cos play?

Skull Clan

Some kind of punk steam punk?

The Belle of the Steam Punk Ball and her date
Scary Albino?
Images sourced from Stuff and Photobucket. Want more cosplay action? Check out this ode to Supergirl.


Nina Wong said...

Hey, can I ask where you got the photo you captioned as 'The Belle of the Steam Punk Ball and her date' ?
I cant find it onthe stuff.co.nz site. Thanks :)

Jimmy Jangles said...

there were two separate articles on stuff...... cheers for the visit!