Blizzard is Bungie's next step for world domination

Bungie’s favourite son Marty O'Donnell had something interesting to say about the software developer’s place in the gaming industry and where they want to be:

"Bungie is around exactly the same time Blizzard was. We've been friends with a lot of those Blizzards guys for years and we have a lot of respect for them, and I don't think about individual rock stars in Blizzard as much as I think about Blizzard. If it's a Blizzard game it's going to be amazing. And we hope the same thing happens for Bungie," he added.

Pretty big shoes for Bungie to step into but they did make the juggernaut franchise of Halo (with a lot of help from Microsoft) so they are probably capable of taking over the world:

"We were fortunate enough to keep Bungie's name up front while we were making Halo. But certainly the Halo fan is a bigger set and the Bungie fan is probably a smaller subset of that. I think we have a pretty good Bungie awareness out there but we certainly would like to pull everyone who's a fan of games with us and expand with that,"

Well Marty, Gears of Halo is just hanging out waiting for Bungie to announce THE NEXT BIG THING. Could it have something to do with the last thing Bungie has Trade Marked, that being the phrase Path of Darkness? This goes along side Bungie Aeropace, Seven Seraphs and Dead Orbit.

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