Aria T'Loak Cosplay Mass Effect

Aria Cosplay
Aria T'Loak is possibly the most beautiful blue character ever created. That's right, Smurfette has been taken down a peg by Aria in the blue hotty stakes as major player on the asteroid of Omega.

As Mass Effect's resident bitch, (aside from the female version of Commander Sheppard) Aria took a no holds barred approach to her business affairs and duly was deemed by this cosplay fan of re-inventing her look for the camera.

Will Aria T'Loak be in Mass Effect 3? It could be a possibility as the character had a larger than life presence in game and with A-list actor Carrie-Anne Moss on vocal duty, it would seem to be a waste if Aria was not in ME3. Either way, we're looking forward to the cosplay that game should generate!

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