Random Costume Play Pictures

Meet Rikku
So there's no real gaming news at the moment, Bungie is still quiet, Gears of War's beta starts in a few weeks (proper!) and the reviews of Mass Effects Arrival have seem to be filed from Dullsville so to brighten up you other wise sad lives (You can't say that Jimmy - Ed), here's some random cosplay costumes of hot babes and other assorted costumed goodness I found floating round the water cooler. Honestly, it's enough to make you go Gaga!

This spiper rifle weilding babe is a famous cosplay artist whose name eludes me. Can't be that famous then eh?

I like this guy's cos play approach. He's gone for an every day joe approach, featuring a pair of nice clean jeans and a nice clean gray cardigan. Dunno about that other chick, I think she boobed with this costume?

What do you think dear reader?

Has Thor finally met his match? Let's hope the move doesn't suck too much or this whole Avengers movie tie in thing is bombed. I'm picking we'll still get heaps of sexy cosplay based on this picture, so keep it coming Kenneth!
Wonder Woman and a friend from Hawke's Bay
I'm pretty sure Wonder Woman never had any problems making friends and today is no execption. Check out this hot picture of a Wonder Woman making friends with a hot lady showing off her cleavage! Is it too much to ask her name? At least Wonder Woman appears to be doing a better job than Adrianna Palicki!

Dawn of the Witch. Need we say more?

Cosplay Deviants apparently
Here's a hot babe dressed as the not so sexy Pickachu. Honestly, she's a cos play genius:

And let's face it, it would not be a cracking christmas cosplay photo essay with featuring a photo of some talent from the Soul Calibur series:

Want more? Check out Ivy.

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