Pictures from Penny Arcade Expo 2011 - Pax

A giant fucking robot
We started the day with some Pax cosplay photos, now where just taking the good shots from the whole floor show - as game publishers and producers vie to show of their gaming wares, we get to see some great promotional guff, booth babes and of course, the punters themselves.

Duke Nukem has always known it was about the babe's so why no have some real life ones as you promote Duke Nukem Forever?

Duke's Babes wearing extra small white shirts. 
Everyone knows this next fellow, Pickachu is the face of Pokemon so it's no surprised he's turned up as a big giant balloon. Even this cos play Pickachu was spotted. Gotta catch 'em all!

Coneheads. Need more be said?

Red Riding Hood crossed with Batman?
The Classic purple bikini and brown leather skirt combo...

Here's a fellow that's sure to be of interest to Gears of Halo Fans. I think this is Carmine. Should he live or die? Either way the COG suit is pretty fly...


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