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Tuesday, March 1

The infamous body painted Mass Effect promo girls

mass effect breasts body paint

The title of this post says it all really. Nude girls, save for some well applied body paint, are presented here in their birthday suits as some sort of promotional vehicle for the Mass Effect game series. What were the promoters thinking? Who cares? These pictures as just genius and also probably not safe for work!

body painted breasts mass effect
Insert pithy mass effect joke here.
Yes, Dad knows I left the house dressed like this...

Don't like your sexy space commanders to come in the colour black? How about pink?

mass effect ass shot body paint
My boyfriend dropped me off for work.
mass effect pink girl body paint
Nice boots.
We've got more! Check out some more cosplay from the Mass Effect Universe


Anonymous said...

I had to crank one out after seeing this!

Gumpster said...

They are not truly in their "birthday suits" until they get rid of their bikini bottoms. But very nice regardless.

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