C2E2 2011 Cos Play Pictures: The Babes

Is the chick in the white also Ivy Valentine?
The cos play costume run of hot babes continues here at Gears of War. Well until there's something to report on Halo or Gears at least! Here's some photos of hot costumes and cosplay from the C2E2 2011, which is a comic convention that hails from Chicago. I have no idea who most of these characters are, heck you could probably argue that most of them don't belong on a gaming website, so to make you happy there's a picture of Batman at the end and they made Arkham Asylum right?

That's a pretty evil joker smile!
I think she's mouthing she wants your babies. I could be wrong.
Don't take this one home to mom ok?
Why you trying to kill me?

I wonder what would happen if this woman and Indy hooked up?

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