I'll have some Dedicated Servers with Ketchup please

Here's a guest post from IMurkedU who runs the new gaming site, Straight Clutch. This is a sweet post about how GOW3 will be made so awesome....

 I'll have some Dedicated Servers with Ketchup please.

Picture this senario: You're down to the wire. Two players left and you have managed to Torque Bow one." Sudden Death!" You press back on your controller to see if you have a chance against the last standing player. Your heart drops, he is 13 and 3. You soon realize that he is headed your way and you active reload your shotgun. "Boom! Boom!". You shoot two shots off, dead center to no avail. "What!" you scream. Your opponent shoots one shot off into your foot and pieces fly everywhere! Your foot for heaven sakes!

You know why this shinanagans happens? Because Epic Studios -in all their glory- made a big uh oh. They allotted the player with the best connection to host the match. Meaning, that they will have a stronger weapon and will be a tad quicker, giving them the advantage.

Well I IMurkedU from Straightclutch.com will be more then happy to tell you, "No more host!". Now don't spill your Supercharger Beer clone as you jump up and down with joy. The Epic/OXM promotional page has stated:

"In addition to a swath of online code improvements, we’re bringing dedicated servers to Gears of War 3 to drive a balanced, optimized, and thrilling online experience for Gearheads everywhere".

Everyone now is equal. So you better come in with A game. In Gears of War 3 you'll win or lose totally based on how well of a player you are. Are you up to the challenge?


Thanks IMurkedU - I gotta feeling there's gonna be a million or two gear heads up to the challenge.

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