Bungie Burbles Back

We still heart you Bungie!
In light of this week's shall we say, slurs, against Bungie's good name, Urk has given further comment in the Weekly Update:

Last week’s impromptu meditation on the Internet’s affinity for rumor and speculation turned out to be a rather lucid premonition, and on Wednesday evening I found myself shocked for the first time in a very long time by something I saw on the Internet. And yes, I have seen that.

Rumors about our future endeavors are one thing. Typically, they’re benign. We expect, and even appreciate, healthy fan speculation about our work. It’s great to see our fans interested and energized about the magic tricks we have hidden up our sleeves. We get it, even if we often have to respectfully decline to officially participate in the conversation. It’s nothing personal – when we’re ready to officially unveil our next title, we intend to make a whole lot of noise. Trust me. We’re more excited than anybody to bring you into our new universe.

But after reading the false claims that we’d just unceremoniously terminated thirty contract workers without cause or provocation, we felt compelled to respond. Our ability to conscript industry talent into our global siege engine is the single most important factor in our mission to make kick ass games. Until our synthetic neural network achieves a stable state of self-awareness, Bungie is quite literally made up of the people who work here. That’s not just an ideal. We made it a reality by earning our independence, and later by transforming Bungie into an employee owned company. When I say that I own this joint, it’s not just with a nudge and a wink – I literally and legally own a piece of Bungie. We all do.

Some people thought I was being “careful” with my words Wednesday night. I was. It was way past my bedtime, I was rocking a sniffling baby in the crook of my arm, and I had my laptop perched precariously on my lap. Let me clarify.

We did not experience layoffs of employees or group terminations of contract workers at Bungie. Activision-Blizzard has never asked us to terminate any of our employees or contract workers. There are still contract employees working here on site, and we are actively seeking more talented folks to come and join our family. In fact, we just recently hired a large group of contract employees, bringing them into the full time fold, and we are still on the hunt to add even more talented folks to our Bungie family.

Hopefully, that’s enough clarity to satisfy even the most enthusiastic rumor mongers out there. Going forward, we don’t plan on responding to any ill-defined accusations provided by anonymous sources. If concrete details are provided, we’ll choose to respond when appropriate, and regardless of what’s written about us on the Internet we will never stop finding ways to improve our work environment for every single member of the Bungie family.


So there you have it , Bungie is telling everyone to suck it up. So suck it up Kotaku. 

Urk also mentioned Bungie was making a completely new universe. More confirmation of .... nothing ;)

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