Why did Bungie trademark Seven Seraphs?

Osiris and friends
Why did Bungie trademark Seven Seraphs? Well, I can't actually tell you, only surmise...

The interwebs are all a buzz with the news that Bungie have trade marked a few certain phrases. Why the abuzz? It could mean they are in the process of firm up the names and whatnot of the new IP they have been so secretly working on.

The Four trademarks and their corresponding domains were registered: Osiris, New Monarchy, Seven Seraphs and Dead Orbit.

Osiris is popularly known as the Egyptian god of the Underworld and Seraphs are one of the highest choirs of angels in the Christian and Judaic system of beliefs.

Bungie’s games often include religious themes and motifs, as oft demonstrated by the theocratic Covenant coalition of the Halo series so it shouldn't surprise anyone that these terms are possibly be going to be used in the new IP that Bungie are working on for their new publisher, Activision.

I doubt Dead Orbit will be the name of the game, its sounds a lil too corny and similar to Dead Space.

Sadly this development doesn't give us any clue as to what Bungie Aerospace means, if any thing!

So what do you think these copyright / trade marked names represent?

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