Halo 3 Series 3 Masterchief signed figure for Sale

So like Trade Me is a New Zealand based web site, similar in nature to Ebay (but executed wayyyyy better). Today, I magically came across this cool listing for a signed Master Chief figurine.

"Hey Jimmy Jangles", you may say, "who signed it?". Well dear reader, Mr Chief's voice actor himself, Steve Downes. And you may say, "Amen brother, Amen". If I was so inclined I might respond, "were it so easy to say that" but instead I'll put up the image of the listing and suggest NZ and Aussie readers go bid... (ROTW cannot bid but can watch on jealously).

Here's the description the seller gave: "mint condition packaging, is signed on front ' finish the fight, steve downes 117'. totally un-opened, got this signed at armageddon 2 years ago by the man him self. make me an offer i cant refuse and this much loved collectors item will be yours."

Full disclosure: I work at Trade Me. It's the best company in the world. And that's a fact. 

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