Check out this 'dramatic' summary of Halo as described by Encyclopedia Dramatica

Halo , also known as Gaylo and Failo, is an overrated, overhyped FPS game with outdated controls, terrible graphics, and a convoluted storyline that was once considered "good" only because most gamers have never opened a book. The online multiplayer is scientifically designed to get on your nerves. The storyline also ripped off some shitty 1970's book called 'Ringworld', that nobody cared about, and also ripped off vehicles, designs, and Sgt. Apone (Johnson) from Aliens, which everyone did care about. The game was credited for saving Microsoft's Xbox from going straight down the drain because at the time, it was the only reason anyone would have wanted one. The official website for gay banana split Halo fans is, a gay banana website.

If you thought that was bad, check out it's description of the fine members of Team: Noble. I warn you, it aint PC:

  • Kat: Some bitch who likes to touch and hax everything, lost her right arm because she gave Carter a handjob. She dies by getting shot by a needle rifle round. Lulz. After she dies, you decide to drag her body off the battlefield for later use. When Reach first came out, snapshots of her ass were always at the top of the "Top Downloads" list, which is not surprising given that the average Halofag spends too much time in the basement to talk women.
  • EmileNigger with a cool skull helmet and knife. Gets stabbed by an Elite with an energy sword.
  • Jorge: Big-ass bearded guy with big-ass gun. Will fuck you up. Kills himself in Covenant ship to save Reach by blowing it up, but more, even larger ships came like an endless swarm of nigras.
  • Noble SixYou, Talks less than a mute retard. Gang raped by elites at the end.

No mention of Oonsk?

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