Last chance to buy Reach to ensure delivery!

Today is probably your last chance to order a copy of Reach from Amazon to ensure it gets to your house door on game day:

Pre order your copy of Halo: Reach online with Amazon. It’s simple as – clicking on this link and buying it. Of course you are only buying Reach early, not getting it early! ;) Now, go and grab the credit card!

 Heck why don't you get the limited edition Halo Xbox while you're at it!


But wait! There's much much more!!

Get Your Amazon pre-order links for the Wireless Reach Controller and the Wireless Reach Headset. Both these items are out on August 17 just prior to the actual game release. The controller comes with a code for a Banshee avatar for Xbox LIVE! Get on it!! Also remember there's that flash new Xbox Console that's Reach themed too!


I couldn't help but notice that Amazon is selling a Limited Edition Game Guide for Halo Reach.

There's no reviews or anything yet as it's not released until September 3 but it's officially licensed so you can be sure it has the inside running from Bungie and Microsoft on all the game play details you need. 

There's also the standard version at half the price.


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